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LAAD Board of Directors
History of LAAD

July 17 to 21, 2023 

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LAAD 2021-2023 Officers:
President: Jay Isch
Vice President: Melvin Royer
Secretary: Elizabeth Trahan 
Corresponding Secretary: Floyd Perrodin
Treasurer: Lisa Combs
Member-at-Large: Shannah Arceneaux,  
Cleve Cormier, and Cindy Robillard


LAAD's multipurpose facility began construction in 1998 and offically opened it doors on June 26, 1999. 

LAAD's mascot is Crawfish. 



Upcoming Events at LAAD:
(Flyers are on Events Page)

LAAD was established in 1971 by 28 Charter members to promote the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Since 1971, LAAD had total of 558 membership.


LAAD host various events such as workshops, movie night, Deaf Night Out, theme parties, and General meetings for Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard of Hearing community.

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